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Conditions Treated


Breast conditions

  • Breast cancer

    • Oncoplastic breast conserving surgery

    • Breast reconstruction (implant-based)

    • Symmetrising surgery (making the non-cancer breast bigger or smaller to match the operated side)

    • Nipple reconstruction

    • Lipofilling to correct contour deformities following breast cancer surgery (injecting patient’s own fat from liposuction)

    • Portacath insertions (to help delivery of chemotherapy)

  • Breast lumps, nipple discharge

  • Breast reduction surgery

  • Male gynaecomastia (excess male breast tissue)

  • Accessory breast and axillary tissue

  • Laparoscopic salpingo-oophorectomy (keyhole removal of ovaries and fallopian tubes to facilitate hormonal treatment of breast cancer and/or  prevent ovarian cancer)


Thyroid conditions


  • Thyroid cancer and nodules

  • Goitre (enlarged thyroid gland)

  • Thyrotoxicosis (overactive thyroid gland)

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