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Breast Reconstruction

  • Mastectomy removes the female breast for cancer

  • Dr Chong performs his own immediate breast reconstructions using implants without a plastic surgeon

Chilton is one of the few breast cancer surgeons in Victoria who performs his own implant-based breast reconstructions without the need for a plastic surgeon at the time of their mastectomy. This makes scheduling surgery sooner with patients only having just the one surgeon.

Chilton will advise on suitability for nipple or skin-sparing mastectomy with immediate reconstruction as well as decide on reconstructions that enable women to be bigger, smaller or the same size as they already are.


As finishing touches Chilton also performs:

  • Nipple reconstruction (if you have lost the nipple from mastectomy)

  • Symmetrising surgery (making the non-cancer breast bigger or smaller to match the operated side)

  • Lipofilling to correct contour deformities (injecting patient’s own fat from liposuction)

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