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Oncoplastic Breast Conserving Surgery

  • Cancer lumpectomy conserves the female breast

  • Oncoplastics can save some women from mastectomy

  • Dr Chong subspecialises in oncoplastics

Chilton is one of the few breast surgeons in Victoria routinely performing oncoplastic breast cancer surgery using established plastic surgery techniques to reshape the breast itself (volume displacement) or moving surrounding tissue flaps into the breast to hide the volume lost from removal of breast cancer (volume replacement).

Most breast surgeons in Melbourne are only trained to perform a simple lumpectomy to treat small breast cancers (breast-conserving surgery). This may result in permanent deformities especially after radiotherapy that follows their cancer surgery, especially for removal of tumours that are

  • large in relation to the size of the breast

  • taken from the visible décolletage area (cleavage area)

  • so large that other breast surgeons may simply recommend removal of the whole breast (mastectomy)

  • in a larger-breasted woman wishing to reduce the size of their breasts at the same time as their cancer surgery

  • in a woman wishing to minimise scars on their breast

As finishing touches Chilton also performs:

  • Symmetrising surgery (making the non-cancer breast bigger or smaller to match the operated side)

  • Lipofilling to correct contour deformities (injecting patient’s own fat from liposuction)

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